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Features I wish Hyper-V Manager 2012 had

I use Microsoft Hyper-v on daily basis. I generally like the product. Yet I can’t ignore some obvious features that are lacking in Hyper-V Manager. 

Hyper-V Manager Summary View


  • Straight forward clipboard support in Hyper-V VM-Console.

I am quite aware of the functionality in Hyper-V Console that allows one to Paste Text or (Type Clipboard Text). Yet that somehow seems rather insufficient and not consistent with right-click oriented nature of most pc users. I can understand how Microsoft could not provide that native Clipboard integration  with guest OS in Hyper-v during the installation process. The issue is that even when all integration services are installed on the guest OS, you are still forced to the Menu Item “Type Clipboard Text” rather being able to use right-click or CTRL+V key combination

  • Quick-and-Dirty file sharing mechanism between the Host and the Guest.

I know that there has been a lot of Discussion around VMWare WorkStation’s security vulnerabilities around their Guest-Host file sharing via the special folders. I can also appreciate that since Windows XP Sp2 Microsoft has become company that puts an emphasis on security. That said, I am still yearning for a simple way to copy a little text file or jpeg to My Guest OS without having to use Remote Desktop to get that file exchange accomplished. or I am also aware of the VHD ISO attachments as extra difficult ways of exchanging files with Guest-OS.

  • Notes Associated with VMs

Why is that I can’t annotate my VMs with Simple Notes such as “Web Environment DNS Server”. What is also really lacking is a way to Make Notes on Snapshots taken from any given VM. Simple Notes such as I installed new Network Drivers and that’s what this Snapshot is related to would go along way. If Microsoft does really add Notes it would be cool if it would support Rich Text. That way I can put in Hyperlink that points to BaseCamp or SharePoint page that elaborates on That VM.  

  • VM Settings History.

It would be nice if there was a way to see changes that have occurred to settings of a VM. For instance it would be great to see if this VM was previously non-clustered and it has been clustered since January 2013. Some Great ways to utilize this would be troubleshoot issues with V-LANs and how they are related to the current virtual Switch vs. a possible previous Virtual Network switch. It would be helpful to correlate reduction of startup memory from one VM and addition of it to another VM.

  • Events View (audit trail)

If I pause, restart or shut it down a VM, it would be nice to have way to log that such that it show up in the user interface.

Currently Events related to each VM do get logged in the Host OS windows Event Log.

But there is no clean way to simply find out recent Events associated with any given VM.

  • CTRL+ALT+Delete

I can totally see why Microsoft chose CTRL-ALT-End as an alternative to the legacy CTRL-ALT-DELETE key combination. It is a really helpful choice to make sure CTRL-ALT-DELETE is still readily available to Host OS because there would be no confusion on which host you are intending to target.

But Part of me also tells me that they could have played nifty tricks such as directing CTRL-ALT-DELETE to Guest OS if had just clicked on the client Area of That VM’s Screen in VM Console. And one more thing, doesn’t "send Ctrl+Alt+Delete" deserve its own button on the toolbar. There appears to be plenty of space on the Hyper-v Console’s Toolbar.