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Join your PC to Azure Active Directory

Windows 10 has finally brought a feature that I asked for in 2014. Windows 10 now allows you to join your PC to an Active Directory in Microsoft Azure. This means that as a small business you no longer have to have an on-premises Active Directory Server to centrally mange policy and credentials on your environment. you can now just let Windows Azure Host your Active Directory as manged Service for you. Azure Active Directory has existed for quite a while and has provided features such as Federated Identity Management Services and single-sign-on (sso) along with Office 365 User logins. But this is truly a turning point for Enterprise Device Management. You can now literally join your Devices to that Azure Active Directory and Manage it in a totally off-premises fashion. The only Computer you need to have run in your office as small business is your Router.

Last year I had requested and complained that Microsoft needs to provide a full featured Azure Active Directory as a managed service. It seems like Microsoft was listening to me and millions of other users. The significance of Azure Active Directory can not be understated. Azure, AWS, Google Compute Engine had given us the ability to off-load our Email, Websites, FTP Servers, Enterprise Bus, SQL Databases, NOSQL Databases, Our Storage into their public Computing Clusters.

but finally Microsoft has provided an Azure AD and a Windows that off-loads our very logon process and credential management into the cloud as well.

Figure1: Windows 10 Enterprise or Windows 10 Professional System Settings Allow user to Join Azure Active Directory

Windows 10 System Properties gives user the option to join PC to Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Please Read further on the technical Details of Windows 10 and Azure Active Directory.