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Lazy Developers and attention to details

Many of us use tools like a or to shop for Real Estate.

Many people rely on these websites to pull down the accurate information such tax history, deed history and listing prices.

The issue is often that might not be the case. Developers don't always plan for edge cases.

For instance in this case on a lazy development team is listing a $15,000 mortgage payment as $1,500 mortgage payment. Zillow might have assumed a maximum 4 digit mortgage payment because of css issues. They might have planed forthe payment element to only take up a small of space. It is also possible that this is legacy issue related to the times when Zillow did not support Jumbo loans. Figure 1 demonstrates that Zillow Standalone calculator lists the right mortgage payment, yet the integrated Zillow calculation lists a totally wrong mortgage payment.

Figure 1: Zillow Mortgage Calculation Error

Zillow mortgage calculation error; while zillow standalone calcualtor works correctly.