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Why is Google Chrome so Chatty?

Let me first say I am run most desktop browsers (mostly Firefox). Let me say that google Chrome is fantastic browser and since its inception has it truly pushed FireFox and IE to get better. They have in some cases come up with interesting UI designed that other browsers have mimicked because they were proven to be good ideas.

That said, I was looking at Google Chrome 31.0 which I use probably at least once a day and notice that the browser is quite Chatty. In particular two domains (sub domains) are contacted by google Chrome Quite Often. The subdomains names keep randomly changing but generally they are domains like ,,,, The Subdomain can presumably change per which geo you are located in and what sort location based DNS settings google is pushing out for these Subdomains. Notice the sub-domain begining with "dfw" probably denotes a server cluster located in dallas,TX. Per google it seems Google Chrome uses sub domains under domain mostly to provide safe Search or Perhaps part of predictive URL typing feature. That’s fair enough and we know that google likes to collect as much data as possible so google turns most of these features on by default on the Google Chrome Browser. See Figure 1:

Figure1: HTTP, HTTPS Connections By google Chrome to domain

Google chrome connecting to subdomain webservices via http and https

Figure2: DNS Settings for google domain domain which is its DNS setting handled by google name servers such as

suing nslookup you can clearly see that google nameservers,, ... handle the DNS lookup settings for domain

Figure3: Typical Data Packet Sent or Received by Google Chrome to a subdomain of

SysInternals Process Monitor showing Google Chrome receiving a 65 byte data packet from

The issue is that google Chrome does not adhere to your request that it stop from contacting any of these webservers google hosts.

Figure 4: See that In Google Chrome 31.0 Advance Settings I have disabled all the options that allows the browser to contact external webservers for safe-search, predictive URL, phishing or otherwise.

Google chrome Privacy settings all optional webservice calls disabled.

At the same time see that I have set the start-up of page of Google Chrome to bring up the Blank Page

Figure 5: Google Chrome Start-up page set to about:blank

Google chrome Setting to browse to about:blank page

But the issue that google ignores this setting. That is you launch google Chrome which render the blank page. But in the background the browser actually still contacts all the subdomains related with domain. And actually google chrome after five minutes or disconnects from those connections to webservices and then reconnects.

Figure6: google chrome connecting to google services hosted under domain. When you bring up about:blank from a dead start.

Google chrome connecting to subdomain webservices even if about:blank is being targeted. with all webservices settings disabled.

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