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Microsoft Word Crashes Because of DNS Resolution.

It appears that Microsoft Word (WinWord.exe) could crash simply because your Windows system is unable to resolve the DNS. If you notice when you launch Microsoft Word There are certain Word Document Templates to pick from. It seems like Word accesses the following DNS “” address to access its templates. In my particular geo “” resolves to the canonical name

It is very likely that Word reaches out to download thumbnail images that it presents as document templates to choose from. I think Microsoft needs to make sure that failure to resolve a DNS record that does result in a crash. It is not really acceptable for me to be able to at least access local documents even if my office CDN is down.

Figure 1: Word launched shows word templates to choose from.

Office Templates available to Choose From in Microsoft Word.

Figure 2: Event Log Showing failure to resolve which causes word to Crash. Word Crashes because it fails to resolve DNS address which is mostly likely related to downloading templates