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How your Cable Company Access your Cable Modem Diagnostic Data

Like Many other professions Internet (Telecom) Technicians have become Data Driven as well. These days your cable technician can figure out coaxial cable or Cat3 Cable damage by data fields like noise level. That is if the Noise Level gets above anything like 45 dB on a regular basis you can suspect that there might be possible damage on the Cable from the Cable Box to your house.

I thought that Time Warner, ComCast, AT&T, Verizon and others collect this data by polling the Cable Modem or DSL Modem usingSNMP or perhaps data pushed by SNMP Traps. I also suspected that there is a possibly that the Gateway Modem could be sending Syslog log fragments periodically.

But Apparently the Most popular method is for your Cable Modem to upload data using TFTP on a regular basis to your ISP. The data is actually quite granular, it reports the upstream channel, the downstream channel the DHCP server, it reports signal strength power being exerted and all sorts of other diagnostic data. I have attached sample here from a Motorola Cable Modem.

Motorola Cable Modem Managment Console showing Signal Summary.

Motorola Cable Modem Managment Console showing log files Summary.