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Real life example of Why Redaction Technology matters?

It is no secret that we at NanoToolkit are working on General Purpose Redaction Software Technology for the Web. But let’s think about what the purpose of redaction actually is. The purpose of redaction is to let somebody who is not authorized to view all pieces of a document to partially view pieces of information on the document that they would be authorized to see. The typical Examples that people are familiar with is when Government Agencies release documents to the public which are redacted to conceal informants or sensitive classified data.

People are also familiar with Court Trials during which Corporations release heavily redacted documents to plaintiffs. Ideally though everything in your Wallet should be Redact-able. For Instance when you got to a Bar Most BarTenders and Waitresses ask for your CreditCard and ID. If you think about it from those two pieces of Documents that you hand over to Bars and Restaurants a Person with Malfeasance in mind could pretty much obtain all sorts of other pieces of data from you. First off, from your ID they would know your Address, Date of Birth, Height, Hair Color, and Eye Color and combine that with you credit card and they can easily spend money on your behalf on the internet without taking a whole lot of risk. Secondly they would be able to easily Create a Fake ID with your Information on it but with their Own Photo, then would be able to go to your Bank (There is only so many big banks and most people have a Bank Account in one of those), they can just claim that they don’t remember their bank Account Number and the Teller based on the ID would pull your info up and Hand them your hard earned cash to the Felon. Third, the criminal can easily come to your house or place of business based on your Address and commit mail fraud by Grabbing your Mail and you would be surprised how much useful Data there actually exiting on your Bank Statements, Your Insurance Information, Your Medicare Cards, Your Brokerage Quarterly Statements, Your Estimate Tax Statements and whole slew of other types of Letters that get sent to you by Financial Insinuations or the Government. Fourth, The Criminal Would always be able to Call your Dentist, Doctor and .. loads of other providers that you have and fish for extra data based on the data they already have form you unreacted data.

Solution: The Solution is for this real-life issue is that the government either issues Documents that are Redact-able on the digitally? Think about Your ID having some sort of low-powered battery that with a press of a button would simply cut power to the fields that are rendering the sensitive pieces of data.

Another solution would be that you press a button on your Identification Card and your ID blacks out sensitive pieces of data instantly by creating Dark shade over.

It is also possible that Government Issue two types of the Same ID. One that has all your information visible on it. And once that simply verified your Age and perhaps not reveal your address and other sensitive types of data. This same Technology could also be applicable toward credit cards. Credit Cards Can easily and very cheaply be improved such that your last four digits can be verified from it rather than the entire credit card being visible on it. The issue with this approach is that anybody who real aims for malfeasance in this case can easily achieve their purpose by carrying magnetic card reader. But This does make slightly harder for the criminal.