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Is Windows a Better Operating System for Tablet or Android and iOs?

I am not really trying to Say Microsoft’s Windows has better Apps or User interface design than say Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android. This is a post putting forth a pure technical argument in favor of Windows as Tablet OS. Many folks think of a tablet as simply a bigger phone and they have good reason to think so. That’s because Apple’s IPad Simply runs iOS that is optimized for a larger screen. Samsung and other manufactures run Android, They have in a similar fashion deployed an Android Operating System that is optimized for the Screen Aspect Ratio of a Tablet. This evolution was pretty natural since the Tablet was only slightly larger than a Phone and it needed to take advantage of the same Apps that were developed for the Sister Phone Platform.

As Figure below Shows Phone Operating Systems such as Apple iOs, Google Android, Nokia’s Symbian are sort of quasi Real time Operating systems. That is Understandable since the telephony System requires a lot of real time monitoring similar to embedded Operating Systems in Robots, rockets, and airplanes. Operating systems such Microsoft Windows which run preemptive Scheduling Kernels simply do not provide the flexibility or the optimal way to listen to all the signals that need to be captured from Cell Towers. It is true that in terms of Form-Factor a Tablet has a lot more in common with a Phone than lap-top. But if you think about it because a Tablet is not meant to Telephony Device (That’s why the hardware is so much cheaper) the Tablet really does not need an Operating System that is optimized to listen to real time signal that might generate by Cell Tower at any given moment. There are plenty of Tablets that come with Cellular Data Connections but that sort of signal is rather similar to a Wifi Technology rather than say Analog Voice Waves that travel over the Air. That’s the reason why I am arguing that technically speaking a tablet’ technical requirements (not functional requirement) are much more similar to laptop than a Phone. Thus Perhaps in terms of long term basis it may not be so bad that Microsoft is using the same Kernel in Windows Tablet (Surface) as Windows Traditional Laptops run.

Figure 1: A Chart Showing RTOS vs traditional Preemptive Operating Systems.

Comparing Real Time Operating System with Preemptive Operating Systems.