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Apple wants your credit Number and your Address

Apple wants your credit Number

A Member of Family has a new Iphone5s and to my surprise Apple requires your House Address and Credit Card Information for you to create anappleID. Assuming you are not in the business of Jailbreaking your phone, you will be required to create an AppleId to just use your phone. But if you try to install an Iphone app like Google Maps Apple will require you to enter your CreditCard Information just so your AppleId is eligible to install a free App from the appStore.

Iphone5S prompting for Credit card information in order to Create an appleID for things like downloading a free App.

If you find the following Apple Support KB that describes how to create an AppleId, you will soon find out that this work-around no longer avaible on ITunes ( or on IOS6.

ITunes requiring CreditCard information to create an AppleID.

I hope this disturbing trend that Apple has started won’t be followed up by Google, Microsoft. I did not mention Amazon because their quest for your personal data is probably only slightly less egregious to that of Apple.

When my HTC Phone dies I will be sure to get an Android or WindowsPhone. I am not entirely encouraged by the idea of my credit card being saved into Apple’s cloud permanently.

Amazon at least waits until you are ready to buy something and then it requires you to enter your Credit card info and does allow you to delete those CreditCards if that’s something you desire.

Apple’s quest for one click checkout on the AppStore simply does not sit well with me. I am especially less inclined to do this for the simple purpose of installing a “free” app. Apple like amazon is counting on human-being’s psychological unwillingness to possibly buy an unnecessary item when they are actually handing over their CreditCard or Cash. But if Apple already has your CreditCard then you will be possibly not have that mental block to just go ahead and click buy.

The Future: Future is possibly one that Apple will not allow you to turn off location services on your IPhone. They would want to know where you are so they can show you’re the right coupon for the right store.

Apple wants your Creditcard Number.