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Microsoft Mobile Strategy is an App one

Microsoft’s Android Strategy

It seems like Microsoft has gone full board with bringing all its suites of apps to android and iOs. Microsoft Translator has been recently added to Google Play. It is basically the native app edition of bing translator that Microsoft has had online for quite a while. The app lacks many languages that bing translator supports online, this maybe because Microsoft has not implemented the voice recognition engine for those locales. This is of course is not the first app Microsoft has brought to the Android Eco-System. Microsoft had previously brought Microsoft Office to Android and iOs.

The office apps though were clearly superior to other apps. Apps such as Microsoft Outlook and One note are the best in their class. It appears that Microsoft is trying stay relevant to a generation of people who might be opting to use Mobile First for everything including productivity software. This move by Microsoft is likely a defensive move so that its dominant position it enjoys on desktop productivity software does wane due to free apps on Android and iOs by likes of Google.

Figure 1: Microsoft Translator translating eating food