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Google an International Wireless Mobile Operator

Recently the News Media has reported that google plans to offer Mobile Phone Services on Top of leased Air Time from T-mobile and Sprint Networks in the United States. I first pondered on why google is entering yet another capital intensive business. But then I realized Google like Microsoft and Apple has its hands into many consumer oriented and some Enterprise products. Google would have a unique opportunity to create a unique vertical product integration from Android to Google Voice to and to Google Online services. This Article will try to explore possible goals that Google may have by entering this Mobile Operator wars.

It could be that this is a play similar to Google Fiber trying to push Google into being a niche Ultra-fast Internet Service provider. This hypothesis can be well supported by benefits that Google can reap from being in a space where it can define standards for this industry and perhaps have seat on critical standard bodies. Of course being an Internet provider can give Google a lot of insight into Mobile Phone User’s behavior using Big Data Analytics.

It could be that Google is trying to introduce yet another subsidized Internet Plan to bring more people to its online services such as Search, YouTube, Google Wallet, Google Docs. But this does not really make a whole lot of sense because google in essence would be subsidizing all other Internet Enterprises with free bandwidth and Google itself would be simple a beneficiary among many.

What really makes more sense is for Google as Mobile operator to create a seamless fusion of Google Voice and Android into one service by being an operator. For instance imagine if you had a mobile operator that provided you with Free Voice Mail Transcription Service. It would be really disruptive if Google brought existing Google Voice technology to transcribe Voicemails into Emails, Text. Google Voice can bring its existing VOIP infrastructure to bridge Mobile Operators in Europe, India, China, Japan, Australia, Russia, Mexico and Brazil. All Google would have to do is run or have an arrangement with an operator. Imagine a world where you have a phone number that like your e-mail is operative and accessible 24-hour a day and from all around the world. Imagine Android and Google Voice brining unlimited number of phone Numbers and Call Screening Services for Google. Imagine being able to forward Phone Voicemails and its transcription and keep it forever and search through its content.

Imagine what a big win it would be to have these enhanced features provided by Wireless Operator namely Google. The enhanced quality that an integrated Google Voice with Android can bring to bear can be truly spectacular. Some Traditional Mobile Operators such as T-Mobile charge a hefty sum of $40 per month for their voice mail transcription service. People all know what a Leg and Arm Mobile Phone Companies charge for things such as international roaming especially if you are using Data Services. This May become one of the ways that Google can differentiate its services from Apple’s ios.

Figure 1: Google Voice Integrated with Android and what it can do for the world.

Integration of Android, Mobile Wireless Operator, Google Voice and Gmail.