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Yahoo has essentially decided that on their free webmail service they won’t allow users to send attachments anymore. It is for good reason that SMTP protocol supports file attachments. SMTP became popular before there was any widespread adoption of HTTP protocol and certainly before services such SkyeDrive,G-Drive, DropBox, XDrive. What I Mean is even if HTTP (Web) had been popularized before SMTP (e-Mail), everyday people would not have had the means to have an HTTP Server at their disposal to host their files. It is interesting that the biggest change that yahoo has done did not actually irritate people. The latest October 2013 release of Yahoo Mail has changed the UI and taken away some old e-mails. But one can argue that the only feature taken away was the ability to attach files along with your e-mail. Yahoo has expanded on their partnership with DropBox and now uploading all attachments to DropBox instead. Yahoo Mail Then simply places a link to your file in your email.

This has a number of advantages for the user, the user can theoretically use DropBox Tools to see how many people actually tried to download the file, Sending a PowerPoint full of images will no longer limit the throughput of the Mail servers, Less E-Mail Rejections because of attachment Size, Mailbox Quota, Mal-ware Detection. Basically with this model MailServers will now only process a very small amount of text that is associated with the body of e-mail itself. As this paradigm shift completes over the next few years, Yahoo and other providers can limit attachment sizes again to 1 or 2MB and that is purely for backward compatibility reasons. This allows Yahoo to divest their investments from Edge Mail Transfer Agents and invest them into HTTP based Services. That’s because if you limit the payload associated with attachments coming through MTAs then you will presumably need fewer of them to accommodate the scale of your operations. But The Biggest Advantage of all is that Yahoo no longer has to host and index all these files we attach to our e-mails. They can simply outsource that task to DropBox who can actually charge for a file sitting on their servers for ages. Dropbox will also have the option to purge old e-mail attached files after a period that the file not been accessed. Consider this, currently if you send an e-mail from Gmail to a friend with hotmail and a friend with YahooMail addresses. That 20 MB file you attached to your email has to be stored on three different e-mail provider Servers. The Online mail providers have a vested interest to push the model of sending links as opposed to attachments because cumulatively it reduces their storage budgets. Overall DropBox will be able to provider Better tools and Transparency over what files are related to many years ago. Dropboxx won’t be limited to user interface that a WebMail user would expect, They can build-up that UI from scratch.

Yahoo Mail User Interface redirection to DropBox signup for attaching files.