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Azure Active Directory & SQL Server Availability Groups

A while back we wrote about joining a PC to Azure Active Directory with Windows 10. It is true Azure Directory is a nice start. However, for true enterprise features are still absent from Azure Directory. It is imperative for Azure to add Support for Cross Region Trust Relationships between Azure regions. That is having Azure distinct directories Forests for each Azure Region and establishing trust between them.

Azure Active Directory needs to support features like SQL Server Availability groups and File Share Witnesses before it can fully replace a traditional Active Directory Machine. Imagine If we have one cluster of SQL Servers running in Azure West Region. Then Consider that for Disaster Recovery reasons we want to replicate Data on an availability group to Azure East Region. These SQL Servers need to be connected with a cross region Azure Active Directory for failover reasons. Microsoft really needs to make SQL Server Availability groups a Turn-key solution in Azure regions.

SQL Server Availability groups are a powerful feature. we will be hosting many of our new SQL Server deployments in a public cloud likeAzure. SQL Server already has certain features such Backup to URL that have tight integration with Azure. SQL Server & Azure Availability Groups Configurations would be a nice addition.