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Austin Tech scene keeps on growing

I have listed below the list of Computer and Mathematical Median Wages for major Tech Centers of the U.S. These reports were prepared in May 2012 by Bureau of labor statistics and are called Occupational Employment Statistics of Metropolitan areas. Take a Look atAustin’ 2012 Occupational Employment Statistics and then compare it with Austin 2002 Occupational Employment Statistics report. Since 2002 Number of Austin Computer Jobs have grown by 43% and the Median Computer wage has grown by 28%. Cross-reference Austin’s Tech Market compensation with Housing costs and Consumer Price Index. The Numbers don’t lie; Austin should be a top of destination for any Techie in United States.

Austin's Tech Growth is accelerating.

Note: The Chart Above is a guesstimate and not scientifically sound.

Austin’s median computer wage : $38.59 and was 5.6% of Jobs in Austin.

Salt lake city median computer wage : $33.20 and 3.4% of Jobs in Salt Lake City.

Phoenix median computer wage : $35.22 and 3.2% of Jobs in Phoenix.

San Jose median computer wage : $51.75 and 10.4% of Jobs in San Jose.

San Francisco median computer wage : $47.28 and 6.3% of Jobs in San Francisco.

Raliegh median computer wage: $37.06 and 5.1 % of jobs Raleigh.

Durham ChapelHill median computer wage: $40.89 and 7% of jobs in Durham and Chapel Hill.

Dallas median computer wage : $37.71 and 4.5% of jobs in Dallas.

New York median computer wage : $41.15 and 2.9% of jobs in New York.

Minneapolis median computer wage : $36.98 and 3.9% of jobs in Minneapolis – St. Paul Area.

Denver median computer wage : $38.45 and 4.5% of jobs in Denver.