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Windows 8 Cloud Authentication and its shortcomings

It is noteworthy that Microsoft has built Cloud Authentication into Windows 8. That is you can use your Microsoft ID (,, Windows Live ID) to login to your windows PC. However this feature is tailored for the consumer space. As Many Users have complained before you currently cannot use accounts such as Office 365 to login to Windows Machines. Basically what is still lacking is a cloud Active Directory where you can join your Office PCs to but be free from actually hosting one on premises. I have previously written on the subject on a previous post about a need to Online Active Directory.

You can still continue to log in with local accounts after having switched one account to Microsoft Account authentication. It is a useful option especially if you use you a windows phone which uploads everything directly from windows phone to One Drive. I guess it is feature Microsoft has put in to compete with Appleā€™s Unified logon process for IPhone as well as Mac OS. However it is bit annoying that if you decide to use desktop products such as One Drive you are automatically forced to switch your account to a Microsoft Account which Windows Metro soft of Phenomenon. Before Windows 8.1 on Windows 8 you were able to install products as One Drive on your desktop that utilized cloud features without having to change your entire PC Account over to a Microsoft Account. This feature appears a bit half baked. If you enter an incorrect password you are directed to go to to reset your windows 8 password. This is peculiar since windows 8.1 allows you to sign up with Microsoft Account but Windows 8.1 fails to provide a reset UI for that very Microsoft account.