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When natrual disaster underscores the need for public cloud hosted Web Properties

You might have been following the catastrophic floods in Houston area on TV, Twitter or Facebook. we seamlessly take it for granted that Houston Chronicle's website or KHOU whose offices were flooded continue to operate their web platforms and serve the public good. Natural disasters such as this one underscore why any business for business continuity should consider abandoning their on-prem solutions and opt in for public cloud solutions such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud.

Consider the case of KHOU TV station in Houston that was flooded. Their website and blogs, CMS continue to operate to put out content that informs the world about what's happening in Houston. But let's how this could be possible. For example uses Akamai while the chronicle uses the Fastly publishing platform. Public cloud facilities in most cases are region based, so even if one Datacenter facility gets inundated with water or fire, the rest of the facility has the ability to continue operating. Let's also consider that many hyper-scale cloud vendors such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google have the ability to operate the Datacenters on diesel generators for months.

But in some situations an entire area (say Houston) connectivity to Internet might disrupted. In those Cases Traffic Manager Routing rules for public cloud platforms can redirect traffic from your say U.S south region to U.S East Region in Virginia. you might even consider changing your primary Cloud region from the disaster region to the paired region 100s of miles away before the natural disaster hits your geo location. This ensures all your data is always replicated with the master region being the one that is not in the eye of the storm. When your primary region is not the one in the disaster area the chance of any data loss is minimized because the master source of data is fully operational.

Let's keep in mind that business continuity is not limited to publishing businesses. You could argue that it is much important for people to be able to access their funds via their Debit Cards when a natural disaster hits. It is important for people to know their health benefits and when they are under duress. You never how valuable your software and services are to your customers until the minute it goes down.