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Identity obfuscation For Identity Cards

Virtually all the information you need for identity theft can be obtained from an ID and a credit card. There is a little problem about the person’s Tax-ID-Number (Social Security Number) but that can be easily obtained (purchased online as well). Since so much of the restaurant industry relies on ID and Credit Card pair; customers are providing ample opportunity to employees in those businesses for ID theft opportunities. Most establishments have no or ineffective procedures for safeguarding customers data. It is true a testament to the integrity of most employees working in these establishments that ID theft and credit card fraud is not yet a wide spread in our restaurant industry.

It would be really nice if there were laminated plastic pieces that one could purchase to obfuscate key fields on the ID (such as Address). But it would be even better if governments provided smart IDs to citizens that would enable selective obfuscation. These IDs could have analog or digital methods to display limited number of fields at a time. For instance it is noteworthy that all modern U.S Passports and GreenCards have chips built-in to them to prevent physical handling of the document for verification purposes.

It is true tokenization technologies for credit card payments can help in the long terms as well. That is it would be helpful to only provide the vendor an authorization token for a payment as opposed to the actual credit card number. Fortunately Apple Pay,PayPal, Google Wallet, SoftCard, CurrentC and other methods of Proximity will reduce the need to physically hand over credit cards to store clerks. The issue still remains though that the encrypted Credit Card on the Mobile Device still remains vulnerable to electronic theft.