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It is time for Notepad to look like Notepad++

Look I get it, Microsoft has basically refused to upgrade Notepad with modern features because it basically says for more complicated features you can use WordPad and NotePad++.Frankly Notepad is still sufficient to edit an INI File but trying to edit an Xml File with NotePad is rather difficult. Yes there are Tools such Xml Notepad released but they are not shipped with Windows Server Core. And Frankly Opening any file that is large and has Special Formatting or is constantly getting updated like a log file is rather impossible with Notepad.

Moreover WordPad is more slated toward the task of writing a document without actually havingMicrosoft Word or Open Office Word or something like Office 365 or GoogleDocs. WordPad is not really designed for editing a configuration file or Editing and XML File or viewing a refreshing Log file. See that WordPad supports saving a file .docx, .rtf file format.

Windows WordPad offers to save a file with following extensions .rtf, .docx, .txt or .odt file formats

Realistically when I install a WindowsServer product I am not too inclined to install things such as Notepad++ on that Machine. Even If WordPad was perfect still Windows ServerCore which happens to be the version of Windows that Hyper-V ships with only contains Notepad. You are not supposed to really install any further UI Applications such as Notepad++ on Windows Server Core. See in the figure Below that WordPard which located under "C:\Program Files\Windows NT\Accessories\wordpad.exe” is not actually included under Server Core.

Windows Hyper-V or Windows Server Core Do not include WordPad

But See in the next Image that Notepad is preinstalled on Windows Server Core or Hyper-V.

Windows Hyper-V or Windows Server Core includes Notepad under C:\windows\system32\notepad.exe

At the very least Microsoft needs to add some basic support such as CTRL+K+F Feature of Visual Studio to Notepad for formatting Xml Files with Notepad.

It would be very nice if some Tree Formatting Features from Notepad++ or XMLNotePad were added for both XML and JSON files

More Importantly Microsoft needs to add an option to Notepad to be able to simply check a box on toolbar and instruct Notepad to keep updating the UI with the latest content of the file to accommodate a log file that is getting refreshed.

Last but Least Microsoft Needs to add a very simple feature of MRU (Most recently used) to Notepad. So I can simply go back to notepad File Menu and see what file I had recently opened.

See the image below and how Notepad on Windows 8.0 or Windows Server 2012 lacks the most recently used files.

See how Windows8 Notepad lacks most recently opened files in the File Menu