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The Best way for Apple to sell new IOS Devices

Apple came out with Iphone 5s with IOS7 which is the first IOS that supports 64-bit computing. People in the finical community have been long expressing doubt that Apple would be able to sustain its earnings growth because it would rather difficult to entice users with perfectly fine phones to upgrade their hardware. I saw two interesting stories today one was about Apple’s planned obsolescence for their IPhones and the other was Microsoft possibly not issuing any more security hot-fixes for Windows XP. I don’t think it is farfetched to suggest that Apple in the near future is going to simply let users know that all future IOS Updates will only be applicable to IOS devices with 64-bit processors. Apple will have a nice excuse in the way of suggesting 64-bit is more secure. They will all force everyone with IPhone4, Iphone5, Iphone 5c to upgrade to a phone with 64-bit processors. Apple has done this before, they have set very aggressive requirements for their software to run on. They can even go further by requiring Apple Maps Updates, ITunes Updates to require the new IOS. That move will ensure that the legion of loyal customers that Apple has will be forced to upgrade their phones.

Apple might very well stop offering IOS Updates to non-64bit Iphones

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